Protect Your Summer Toys

Ah, spring and summer in New Jersey – you can’t beat this time of year here. Motorcyclists zooming down the streets with the wind in their hair. Boats of all types and sizes cruising along the water. For how harsh the winters can be, you deserve to live your best life in the warm months. Just don’t forget to insure your recreational vehicles! The rule is simple: if it takes you places, it needs an insurance policy. Let’s take five minutes to discuss.

On Land
Riding a motorcycle is such a thrill, isn’t it? So much freedom; it’s like you own the road and no one can stop you. Not so fast, though – literally and figuratively. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says motorcyclists are five times more likely than their car-riding counterparts to be injured in an accident. We won’t go into the statistics on motorcycle fatalities, because we’re not here to lecture you out of your joy and pastime. We just need you to know that there are heightened and undeniable risks in motorcycle riding, thus the need for a motorcycle insurance policy.

While not as dangerous as motorcycles, travel trailers should also be covered. Come on, guys. You already have insurance on your car. Be sure to protect your other rides, too.

On Water
Don’t crash the boat. Apparently, that’s easier said than done. Between 2000 and 2015, New Jersey recorded roughly 1,800 boating accidents statewide. And we all know there were likely hundreds if not thousands of additional accidents that went unreported.

Listen, boating collisions are no laughing matter. They can cause significant damage, not just to boats, but also to humans. The reasons to buy boat insurance are clear as a summer day; a single policy can cover:

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Hurricane damage
    • Equipment failure and towing
    • Equipment repair or replacement
    • Vandalism
    • Theft

Many boat owners think it’s smooth sailing with the boat coverage in their homeowners policy. Don’t make this mistake! Unless you’re in a canoe or a tiny sailboat, your homeowners insurance will likely only cover a small fraction of damage. You need a separate boat policy, okay?

Get a Complete Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policy
So, what exactly does recreational vehicle insurance include? The answer is, a lot of things! With a policy from Anderson Insurance Agency, your motorcycle, travel trailer, boat or all of the above can be covered for:

    • Property damage
    • Physical injury
    • Liability and medical payments
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorists
    • Emergency assistance and towing
    • Total loss replacement
    • Optional equipment

You can also access discounts on safety courses, equipment, preferred operators, lay-up and more. It’s time to get protected, folks. Contact Anderson today and bring a little peace of mind to your summer fun!