The more earning power you achieve and the more wealth you accumulate, the more you have at risk...

…especially in today’s world where aggressive litigators often target those perceived as having “deep pockets” with liability claims.

By specifying high liability limits for your auto, homeowners or marine policy, you gain some protection, but many high net worth families, couples and individuals would benefit from more.

McMahon Insurance can protect you with excess liability insurance. Referred to by many as an umbrella policy, excess liability insurance offers the additional protection you need in case a judgment against you exceeds the liability limits of your existing auto, homeowners or marine policy.

Umbrella insurance is a form of liability insurance protecting policyholders for claims over and above the limits of their primary automobile, homeowners, and boat insurance policies and for the few claims that are excluded by their primary policies which are subject to a deductible, usually $250. This type of policy is often misunderstood. Many think that it is a “catch all” form of insurance covering their own property. It is important to remember that this coverage only applies to your liability to others.

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