Monorail connecting Atlantic City to Cape May Approved

South Jersey will show you the best way to travel all “the way to Cape May”! The highly anticipated multi-million dollar transportation project has been approved. A magnetic monorail will provide fun, quick and convenient transportation linking together the South Jersey beach towns from Atlantic City to Cape May. “We went green with the design”, says Lyle Lanley, Chief Project Manager, “It glides as soft as a cloud and the solar panel pilings will double as fish hatcheries.” The project bid was approved after beating out bids by Shelbyville, Brockway, and Ogdenville.  McMahon Insurance Agency of Ocean City has been heavily involved in the project as an alternative passageway across the islands. Design Engineer, Jonathan Casey Jones is proud of the trajectory, “I’m most excited about the speed of the train.” McMahon is providing all the insurance needs for construction, including underwater safety plans and collision coverage.  No expense was denied in the blue prints and cost estimates are around 901 million dollar range. This monorail system, nicknamed “The Cape Express”, boasts 14 stations and nearly 50 miles of double track including indoor lines through the Flanders. Construction is set to begin year round on April 1, 2020. Local residents and vacationers should avoid the bridges and expect road closures up until completion, which is estimated around October of 2028.


And lastly, April Fools!