Employee Spotlight: Claudia Miller, CISR

Claudia MillerClaudia Miller joined the agency in 2004 as a Commercial Lines Account Manager and maintains the Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR). Claudia has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry specializing in workers compensation, general liability, and employment practice policies.

    1. What are 3 words to describe McMahon Insurance Agency?
      • Claudia:  Caring, Consistent & Dependable
    2. What drew you to McMahon Insurance Agency originally? And how has McMahon Insurance Agency changed since?
      • Claudia: Their reputation as a family run and oriented business. It has grown over the years, but it’s still that feeling of family. 
    3. What is the favorite part about working for McMahon Insurance Agency?
      • Claudia: I’ve always been a people person. It has always been about the client for me.
    4. Do you have a favorite author or quote?
      • Claudia: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel ~ Maya Angelou
    5. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.
      • Claudia: I am one of 5 and there is 17 years between the oldest and youngest.
    6. What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far?
      • Claudia:
        • Change is a good thing.
        • No matter how much you know, you can always learn more. 
        • It’s ok to make mistakes, try and learn from them.  
    7. Top three life highlights?
      • Claudia: My marriage, my daughter, and 30 years in the insurance industry.
    8. What do you do for fun?
      • Claudia: Spend time with my family and go to the beach! 
    9. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?
      • Claudia: Life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff and to let those you love, know it. 
    10. What is the one thing you cannot resist?
      • Claudia: A really good steak! 

Claudia, you are a true pleasure to work with. Your industry knowledge combined with your friendly and dedicated nature brings your clients the highest level of service. Thank you for everything you do!