Weather Apps to Take Your Day by Storm

Michael McMahon weather gadget
Michael McMahon tracking the wind with daughter, Chloe, in Ocean City NJ

Weather is one of those phenomenons that encapsulates and mesmerizes people. Have you ever watched a tornado form or a time lapsed video of the tides coming in? Michael McMahon has.

Our in-house weather nerd, Michael McMahon, has 15 weather apps on his phone. He’s the guy to go to if you want to talk about anything from the wind to the stars- and he’s got an app for that too!

We asked Michael about his weather apps and here’s what we learned: His favorite apps are “Storm” and “Wunderground”, which both get observations from local weather stations, and also “Wind Alert” which captures wind speeds from weather stations. Being in a coastal community, having the app “Tides Near Me” focuses on tidal conditions, tide currents, as well as when the sun and moon will rise or set.  The “My Radar’ app provides animated weather radars to see what weather is coming your way. The “Star Walk’ app is really neat- it’s an interactive guide showing you detailed information about the sky directly above you. Speaking of above you, the “ISS Finder” app tells you when the International Space Station is visible where ever you are. It will tell you when and where to look and it can be seen without a telescope- it will look like a big star going across the sky.

Knowing the weather is something that we all pretty much need to know. Weather apps and gadgets can provide detailed and accurate information. So we might not be ready to download all 15 apps, but if we’re away from home, on the road, or interested in the elements, these weather apps will come in handy.

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