Watch out for Falling Trees

tree on houseNot only does rain put a damper on outdoor fun, but rain soaked ground could also increase the chance of trees falling over.  Lauren Ditmore of Lancaster experienced this first hand yesterday when a tree came crashing down on her home. Thankfully no one was injured.

Look out for signs of trees toppling after this multi-day rain dousing this week. The wet ground leaves trees with little to stand on and the danger of falling trees could linger even as the weather dries out.

What are the signs?

  • Cavities or discolorations in the bark down the main stem of the tree.
  • Decay or problems at the root
  • The lean of a tree can also be telling.

When in doubt, call an expert.

What if this happened to you? Are you covered? Give us a call to review your homeowners policy today.



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tree damage inside


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tree damage