Signs It’s Time to Switch Insurance Agencies

As of 2020, there are¬†around 36,000 independent insurance agencies in the US. With all this competition, you’re bound to find an agency connecting youperson signing an insurance policy with the right insurance companies.

However, not everyone gets it right on the first try. If you’re stuck with a bad insurance agency, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. You deserve the best service, after all.

But it’s not always easy to see that you’re with¬†the wrong agency.

Read on to find out what signs you should look out for to know it’s time to switch insurance agencies.

They Don’t Deal With You Directly

A personal touch is always reassuring when dealing with financial matters. But to deal with their large volume of customers, insurance agencies often refer them to 800 numbers. As a result, customer service can be lacking.

You’ll want to choose an agency that deals directly with its clients. It is even better if they take full ownership of your insurance claims, which shows dedication.

You’re Unsure of Your Available Options

The main job of insurance agencies is to present all possible choices to their clients. This means they need to be transparent and able to explain the details of any policy they recommend to you.

Have you ever walked away from an agency feeling even more confused than before? Or have you felt there’s a lack of insurance options?

Then it’s time to switch to an agency with your best interests. They’ll be able to show you which companies have the best policies for your needs and what’s included in them. They should do this in layman’s terms without insurance jargon muddying things up.

They Don’t Offer Comprehensive Insurance Services

A good insurance agent will work hard to connect you with various insurances. This can be anything from homeowners’ and business insurance to personal auto and life insurance.

That way, you won’t have to shop multiple agencies just to get comprehensive coverage. And you can trust you’re getting the best rates without wasting time comparing and shopping on your own. Insurance agencies have the right connections mix policies and get great rates.

What you should really keep an eye out for is flood insurance.¬†Around 13 million Americans live within a 100-year flood zone, and roughly 41 million people are exposed to flood risk. Yet many insurance agencies refuse to deal with flood insurance, which isn’t included in primary homeowners’ insurance.

If you live in a flood zone, it’s best to work with an insurance agency that helps with flood insurance. It’s important to note that this policy takes 30 days to take effect, so you need to take action fast, especially if you’re expecting higher flood risks soon.

They Have Poor Communication Skills

Insurance policies can be challenging to comprehend, and you want peace of mind knowing that yours offers the coverage you expect. A trustworthy insurance agency will be there to answer your questions and concerns promptly.

If your current agency takes forever to respond to you, or even worse, has a lack of communication or knowledge, then it’s time to switch. The best insurance agencies will be there for you.

You’re Paying More Than You Should

Does it feel like you’re getting too little coverage for the money you’re paying? Then chances are, you’re not getting the best prices available.

Some insurance agencies partner with companies, so they’re motivated to send business their way (captive or exclusive agents). In this case, you’re probably not getting the best rates possible. This can also happen if you’ve got a lackluster agency that doesn’t care about getting their clients the best coverage at the lowest prices.

Instead, you should look for fully independent agencies. They’ll have a great network of top-rated underwriters to get you the best coverage at competitive prices. Instead of scouring the industry for the best plans possible, they’ll do it for you.

You Haven’t Shopped Around in a While

An insurance policy might’ve worked for you five years ago, but circumstances change. Not only that, but policies and prices will change as well. So while something like¬†umbrella insurance¬†didn’t seem relevant before, it might be now.

To ensure you don’t have just minimum coverage, a good insurance agency will contact you yearly to reevaluate your needs. Not only will this keep your premiums as low as possible, but it’ll also update your insurance needs and coverage.

You should shop around every few years if this isn’t the case. This will keep you well informed on your policy options and allow you to select a better insurance agency if they’re not very proactive.

It can be beneficial to ask your friends and family about their experiences with different agencies. They can give you detailed information about which agencies to use and those to avoid. You can trust they have no hidden agenda.

Work With the Best Insurance Agencies

While there are many insurance agencies in New Jersey, finding one that’s right for you can be tricky. Not only that, but it’s also a challenge to get an agency that’ll go above and beyond for you.

But with the information you’ve learned in this article, you’ll be able to recognize the signs of a wrong agency. And as a result, you can switch before you run into financial problems, and you’ll get great coverage and affordable insurance.

If you’re ready to switch to a reliable insurance agency, then¬†request a quote¬†from us now.