Pet Disaster Preparedness


In addition to making the necessary preparations for you and your family, you must also consider what you will do with your pet(s). In an emergency, your pets will be even more dependent on you for their safety and well-being. Your family’s disaster plans must include your furry family members too. Learn what to do to keep your beloved pets safe!

Top Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Disaster

  • If it’s not safe for you to stay in your home during an emergency, it’s not safe for them either!
  • Include supplies for your pet in your emergency kit, or assemble an emergency kit for your pet.
  • Make an evacuation plan for you and your pets. Many hotels and shelters do not accept animal guests, other than service animals.

Assemble an Emergency Kit for Your Pet

Create an Emergency Plan for Your Pet

Help Emergency Workers Find Your Pets

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