Fireworks Safety


Fireworks are fun and kids look adorable holding those sparklers. But, fireworks can cause serious injuries to children, including devastating burns and other injuries. If you plan to use fireworks, make sure to follow these tips to keep your kids as safe as possible.

Top Tips

  1. Make sure fireworks are legal in your area.
  2. Closely supervise children around fireworks at all times.
  3. Sparklers can heat up to 1,200 degrees and sticks stay hot after they’re done burning so have a bucket of water handy to douse them in.
  4. Always hold the sparkler at arm’s length from the body and stand at least six feet away from other people.
  5. Little arms are too short to hold sparklers. How about this? Let your young children use glow sticks instead.
  6. Only light fireworks outside in an open space.
  7. If a firework does not go off, do not try to relight it. Instead, wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.

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