Employee Spotlight: Bonnie Ash, CISR

Meet Bonnie Ash!
Bonnie started at McMahon Insurance Agency 9 years ago and holds a NJ Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR). As Personal Lines Account Manager in our Ocean City office, Bonnie helps clients with their homeowners, auto, marine, and flood policies while creating a special bond with her clients that last throughout the years. Most of her clients greet her with big hugs! Want to know more about Bonnie? Here you go:

1. What is the favorite part about working for McMahon Insurance Agency?

Bonnie: I like working here because I’m not just a person who works for the McMahon’s. They take a sincere interest in their employees both at work and their personal life. By being that kind of caring employer, is the reason why we treat our client with so much caring- it is simply a reflection of the McMahon culture. We always put the Agency in a positive light. 

2. Do you have a favorite author or quote?

Bonnie: Yes, I do. I put it at the bottom of my emails. “It’s nice to be important, but more important to  be nice.” – John Templeton

3. What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far?


  1. To always try and do more than what is expected of you. 
  2. Give praise and thanks to co-workers when deserved. A pat on the back from anyone you work with is a nice thing to receive. 
  3. Smile and be thankful for the job. Every job is either a stepping stone or an opportunity to grow in some way.  


One of our favorite things about Bonnie is her baking. Every year, she bakes 12-15 varieties of cookies, around 300 cookies in total, for Christmas. She spends an entire weekend baking cookies for the office which usually lasts only a week in our kitchen!  Bonnie is always willing to help and train new employees. Her compassion, patience, and friendliness are just a few of her greatest attributes. Thank you for everything you do, Bonnie!