Employee Spotlight: Betsy Brown

Betsy BrownBetsy Brown came to McMahon Insurance Agency in 2012. As our Personal Lines Technician, Betsy works hard to keep her department running smoothly from the front desk in the Marmora office. Betsy takes pride in her promptness, attention to detail, and extreme organization! Get to know more about Betsy:

    1. What is your favorite part about working for McMahon Insurance Agency?
      • Betsy: My favorite part about working here is the feeling of family I get from the McMahons and my coworkers. 
    2. What is one thing you cannot resist?
      • Betsy: Oh I cannot resist ice cream- my favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. 
    3. What phobias do you have?
      • Betsy: SNAKES!! 
    4. What do you do for fun?
      • Betsy: I love going to the beach in the summer and out to dinner. 

The team could not run without Betsy! Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.