Child Safety

November 1, 2016

Nearly 9 million children in the United States are treated for injuries in emergency rooms every year. These are often serious injuries that can affect them for a lifetime.  Too many families don’t have access to the information and resources they need to keep their kids safe from tragedies such as car crashes, fires, and falls.

Car Seats- Did you know:

  • All car seats expire, no matter which manufacturer made the seat
    • Check the manual that came with your child’s car seat or check the bottom/back of the seat for a the Date of Manufacture on a sticker
    • Most commonly, a car seat will expire SIX years after the Date of Manufacture
  • The harness should always be “snug as a hug”
  • Keep your child in rear-facing as long as possible
  • The top of the chest clip should be level with your child’s armpits
    • Why? Because the chest clip is meant to break in the event of a crash.
    • If you allow the chest clip to become a “belly clip”, it can cause severe abdominal injuries in the event of a crash
  • Always fasten the chest clip AND the crotch buckles
  • You can register your car seat to receive recall notices.¬†Click here to view The Child Seat Recall List

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