Biking Bylaws: A quick guide to biking at the beach


Summer has fully emerged from its hibernation, and so have all of the visitors.
In our world of ceaselessly racing around, a bike allows you to take a step back from it all.
Bike riding along the Boardwalk and streets is a pleasure many vacationers and residents enjoy.

Here are the bylaws to help you enjoy the experience:

  • No sidewalks
    Bikers must abide by the same laws as automobile drivers- which includes stopping at stop signs and no riding bikes on the sidewalk, which Ocean City police routinely enforce.
  • Pause for pedestrians in crosswalks
    Bikers are not considered pedestrians.
  • Single File
    Bike riders must stay in single file if there is traffic. Riding in the same direction as traffic is required at all times.
  • Ride on the right
    Bike riders must stay as far right as possible at all times. When making a left turn, bikers can proceed left and use the appropriate left-hand-turn signal. It’s also ok for a biker to move left when passing a slower biker. Keep in mind, it is the biker’s responsibility to check over their left shoulder for oncoming traffic before moving left to pass.
  • Biking the boardwalk
    Ride in specified bike lanes and be aware of slower riders and pedestrians.
    Boardwalk bike summer hours: Daily 5:00AM – 12:00Noon
  • Helmet laws and important tips
    – The state of New Jersey requires every person under the age of 17 to wear a helmet when riding a bike on streets.
    – The bike must have a light or reflectors to ride your bike on the street at night.
    – Pay attention to parked motorists who may suddenly open a car door
    – Always lock you bike, even if you plan to store it in your garage.
    – Parents should make sure kids understand these laws before heading out for a ride.
    Click here for NJ Bike Safety Laws

The Best Places to Bike:

Ocean City:
The Haven Avenue Bike Route: This on-road corridor provides a safe place for families to ride and connects 9th street to 36th street. This is phase 1 of Ocean City’s overall bike routes plan to connect the community and create a “greenway”. Along the route, you can stop at playgrounds, baseball fields, the Community Center, or shops.

Ocean City has two (free) bike repair stations located between 17th street & 18th street on Haven behind the Community Center and the other between 9th street & 10th street near OC Transportation Center.

Cape May:
The Promenade, is the easiest bike ride for visitors. Cape May’s promenade runs parallel to Beach Avenue and stretches for nearly two miles, taking you on a scenic ride past Cape May’s beaches. Please note, biking on the Promenade is permitted before 10am.


Knowing – and following – the rules of the road assures improved safety for all travelers, bikers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

Wishing you safe and happy riding!