Avoid Water Leak Damage

McMahon Water Detection

Floods can be caused by a variety of natural disasters such as heavy rains and flash floods. They can also be caused by man-made incidents such as plumbing issues, damaged appliances, and pipes bursting. Technology offers homeowners peace of mind making it possible to automate equipment ranging from home security to thermostats. Smart home devices enabling remote monitoring, alerts and control of a home’s systems that, if they were to fail and go unnoticed, could result in costly consequences. With a smartphone acting as a switchboard, homeowners can remotely lock or unlock doors, or automatically shut off the water to their home if a leak is detected.

Automatic Shut off Valves vs Flood Alarms

Automatic water shutoff valves safeguard your home to prevent damage from water leaks by monitoring flows in the pipe or by detecting water on the floor.  When flow is irregular or moisture is detected, the valve will shut off the water supply to your home preventing damage caused by water leaks.  Automatic shut off valves are active alarms and are integrated into the water system itself such as water pipes and water pumps. When the sensor is triggered, not only does the signal activate a sound, but it also shuts off the water supply to the water system.

Flood alarms detect the presence of water and set off an alarm when its sensors are triggered. They come in different shapes and sizes and with a wide range of features. They can have wifi capabilities, smart home integration, phone or email alerts, and temperature sensors. Flood alarms are passive alarms and are placed close to appliances, equipment, or in certain areas of the house that have a higher risk of flooding. They contain flooding sensors which are sensitive to water contact. Once the sensors get wet, a signal is sent to the alarm system which emits the alarm sound.

The downside to flood alarms is that you will have to manually close the water system, and turn off the alarm yourself. So if you’re an hour away from your home, that might be too late to prevent costly water damage even after the alarm goes off. Another disadvantage of flood alarms is that they run on a battery which needs to be checked regularly for them to be functional at all times.

Leak Detection with Water Hero

Water Hero is an automatic water shutoff detection system. It provides whole house leak protection. It is also an internet-connected leak detection and automatic water shut off system. Water Hero uses a flow sensor, shut off valves and a traditional water meter made “smart”.  The flow sensor reads and digitizes flow information at 200 times per second, making an old school water meter smart. When the water flow exceeds user set thresholds, Water Hero sends the user a text/e-mail and can automatically shut off their water.  Water Hero also has a temperature sensor that can send you a text and/or email alert when you’re at risk of freezing and a back-up battery so that it functions when your building is most vulnerable – when the power goes out.

Everything is controlled over the web or through your smartphone so you can easily change your settings, open and close your valve, see real-time water usage and more.

Water Hero is a flow based leak detection system and does not use moisture sensors.  It measures the flow of water through your home piping and detects leaks based on manually configurable set points.  For example, in Home mode, if water is flowing for 15 minutes, you will get a leak text and/or e-mail alert.  At 20 minutes, Water Hero can automatically shut off your water. As the user, you can automatically adjust these time thresholds.

Some rooms like bathrooms, toilets, and laundry rooms are naturally humid and moist. When you add a leaking pipe or flooding underneath the sink of floorboards, this can cause mold and mildew to develop, causing damage to the floor, walls, and other parts of the room. A water detection system can help prevent the leaks and rising water levels in the room, and warn the owners before the issue becomes serious.

All of these situations can occur at any time, and without warning which means appropriate preparation is needed. Having such a device is like an insurance policy that gives you peace of mind and an advanced notice in case something goes wrong with the water supply in your house. It can also save you a great deal of money as the leaking pipes that go unnoticed for a long time will increase the cost of repair work.

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