Avoid Charity Scams

Would you donate to a charity called Help the Vets? What if you get a call that asks you to donate your car to “Veterans of America?” Unfortunately, just because the word “veterans” is in the name, it doesn’t mean that an organization actually helps veterans.

For example, the FTC sued Veterans of America alleging that the organization wasn’t a charity at all – it was just a front used by an individual who sold donated cars and boats and kept the money. And the organization, Help the Vets, made 20 million dollars from 2014-2017 from donors nationwide. Little to none of the donations were used for veterans programs but instead benefited the private interests of the professional fundraisers.

Donors need to beware. Fake foundations affect all types of causes. You don’t want to donate to a fake charity; you want your donations to go to the many great charities that actually help people in need.  You can visit Better Business Bureau to look up an organization.

Watch this video from the FTC and the National Association of State Charity Officers and get tips on how to avoid giving money to a veteran charity scam.

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