5 Ways Businesses Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Businesses Prepare Hurricane Season

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who are affected by weather catastrophes. As we approach this hurricane season, businesses should ensure they have an emergency preparedness plan in place in order to mitigate losses should a storm occur.

Floods can occur anywhere, anytime, with little or no warning and businesses must make preparations so that if flooding occurs after a storm, they are able to remain open, or reopen quickly after a flood disaster.

This requires taking immediate steps to prevent or reduce flood damage should your business be in flood-prone areas. Robert Grand, vice president of risk management at Cleveland, Ohio-based consulting company Cbiz Inc., offers these five tips for businesses to prepare for flooding in the event of a hurricane:

1.Do your research ahead of time.
2.Develop an emergency response plan.
3.Keep your insurance policies in a safe place.
4.Don’t sign restoration or repair contracts without talking to the insurance company adjuster first.
5.Organize your records.

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(Photo: iStock via propertycasualty360.com)