Any coverage secured by the landlord will not extend to you, hence the need for your own coverage.

As a renter or tenant in an apartment or home, you need rental insurance coverage to protect your personal property and to cover your liability to the public and visitors. The policy that is designed specifically for your needs is called a “Tenants Homeowners Policy”. It provides all of the same coverages as a policy written for the owner of a home, but does not include any building coverage.

Any coverage secured by the landlord will not extend to you, hence the need for your own coverage. These policies provide coverage for your personal property for loss by fire, lightning, theft, vandalism and a host of other causes of loss. Flood insurance is also available under a separate policy. In addition they provide Personal Liability insurance to cover losses from dog bites, trip or fall caused by you or damage to the rented premises resulting from a fire caused by your negligence along with many other types of personal liabilities.

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