Protect the financial investment you’ve made in your primary residence or vacation home with comprehensive homeowners plans from McMahon Insurance Agency.

Why you need to insure your NJ coastal property

Insuring property along the New Jersey coast can be a challenge for many insurance agents and companies. McMahon Insurance Agency started writing coverage at the New Jersey coast in 1967, providing our clients with superior coverage through quality insurance companies. Over the years, our commitment and promises to our clients has been tested and proven.

Flood insurance options for your NJ coastal property

When insuring your primary, secondary or rental property, we can help guide you through the coverage options and deductibles available to you and a host of other unique policy conditions, exclusions or endorsements often offered by insurance companies writing policies at the Jersey shore.

Flood insurance has taken on a whole new complexity in the last few years. Our Account Managers are familiar with current flood insurance regulations, working with it daily. We know the flood insurance program and the options available to you to help control the cost of flood insurance.

You can be confident that your McMahon Insurance Agency Account Manager will work for you with your best interest in mind.

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