You may be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance does not provide the liability or property protection you need to protect your assets.

Your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover:

  • If your equipment stolen while you are traveling
  • A customer visiting your home that slips and falls
  • Being temporarily put out of business by a fire in your home
  • Lost income and additional expenses necessary to get back in business

All these scenarios can become reality. Having coverage can make these possible realities easier to handle.

The following important features are included in your Home Based Business Policy; make sure you have them all:

  • Off premises coverage
  • Loss of Business Income
  • Limits available to $1 million for Liability & $100,000 for Business
  • Personal Property
  • Optional Coverage for Money & Securities
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Professional Errors & Omissions sublimit for select classes included In basic rate
  • A.M. Best A++ rated company

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